ATI FX45 Fatboy
Redneck reviewer's comin back at ya fer another great review! This time wer reviewin the new ATI FX45 Fatboy. Fer starter's the name made this a must to be in my gun collection and the fact that it's got a double stacked .45 magazine that holds 12 rounds.  Even though this gun is double stacked,  the built in grips makes this gun narrower than a standard 1911 by .095 inches. It makes it great for smaller handed people such as females and midgets that need ta get a good grip on this Fatboy. The only down side so fer is that when yer really lettin' her rip, some of them casing'll come back and get ya right in the noggin. That only happened about 6 times in a little over 250 rounds. With an unsupported accuracy test, I was able to have a row of 3 out of 4 bullets touchin at a distance of 25ft. With an ejector job and a trigger job since the gun would be apart but not really necessary would make this a 6 beer gun, but with the one main issue of casings flying at yer face, I give this one a 4 beer gun. "Just remember, It aint verified if it aint redneck verified"

Weight36 ounces
Height5.5 inches
Length6.8 inches
Slide Width0.922 inch
Maximum Grip Width1.2 inches
Frame Width0.775 inch
Maximum Width1.37 inches
Trigger Pull6.6 pounds
Trigger Reach2.72 inches
Barrel Length3.22 inches
Magazine Capacity12
Magazines Supplied1